Rachel Curran top dog at Meta Canada pulled down our Facebook page with 46,000 followers for really no credible reason at all.

Rachel Curran & Kevin Chan of Facebook Canada have one agenda, manipulation of public opinion for the purposes of swaying elections. A photo was posted of of Chrystia Freelands Grandmother hanging out with her good buddy Adolf Hitler. It looks to bad for their liberal friends. They then go on to claim that this material is so dangerous it required pulling down a Facebook page with 46,000 followers. This is Canada’s deputy Prime Minister people.

We set out to reach miss Curran. Who accidentally added her personal phone number to whats app policy manager company Facebook page. She lied after answering as Rachel and said I had the wrong person and she didn’t work for meta and hung up. I called back and there was no answer, the voicemail said hi this is Rachel Curran. Lying scumbag and absolute unaccountable coward. Then she proceeded to block as many ways as she could possible like a rat on the run.

The targeted attack by Rachel Curran harassing 4 other admins saying that all their accounts had been hacked and compromised which is a load of garbage and lies. Another example of Meta Lies. Rachel Curran of Meta Canada / Facebook will be continued to get held accountable with boatloads of bad PR until she puts the Vote Canada page back up!


73910Rachel Curran & Kevin Chan rip down Vote Canada Facebook page censoring 46 Thousand Followers for their liberal buddies