‘The Line claims to be a national symbol of resistance created by the people during a time of struggle to end corruption and tyranny. Since the beginning of the year thousands of Canadians have joined their movement in protest of lockdowns & masks. Canadians are all looking for a way to fight the tyranny. I can’t help but notice how many of these organizations are more concerned about their brand then their purpose. Everyone seems to be in it for themselves when we should all be working together. You have many groups all doing the same thing yet many of them all turned against each other. Seems to be a battle going on of who’s is most important. Who is the one doing the most. It’s quite ridiculous to say the least. Below is a couple of photos that should definitely raise some eyebrows. Is this just another bunch of wolves in sheep costumes? 

With all corruption going on in the world today it has become very hard to trust anything anymore. We are at a crossroad that everything should be questioned. It’s definitely odd that these people are seen in photos having a good time with the very people they are bitching about and claim to despise the most.