Apparently, co-vid vaccines, being Emergency Use Authorized, didn’t have to stick to one set of ingredients. This website allows you to pick which manufacturer your shot came from, enter the batch #, and see all the adverse reactions to that batch, all the deaths, disabilities, and life threatening illnesses associated with that particular batch. the recipe was tweaked, batches sent to differing locations, and the results noted, as it was a big human experiment. The info on the website was just what was reported to VARES, and not reactions that were attributed to other things at your local doctors level.

Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix & John Horgan continue to push these products as safe when the information clearly shows otherwise. At what point are people dying and getting injured as a result of vaccination passes and ridiculous order mandates worthy of jail time for these 3 scumbags. The rest of the provinces have ended the vaccination passports yet these 3 stooges are pushing on. People have died, people are getting injured with disabilities, and Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix & John Horgan are still pushing this garbage. These people are criminals that deserve to be charged and in prison.


73500A website called shows the level of Bonnie Henrys criminal ignorance