Hi Bonnie!
   How’s Kelowna?!   Just wondering if you knew that the Emergency Order regarding COVID – 19 was over in June.. maybe you did not get the memo?
 Below is a quick snapshot, full file is attached.
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 I know you have been super busy with all this COVID stuff but just curious if you knew that a number of Government agencies including Health Canada have not been able to provide evidence of the isolation of COVID – 19? 
 See below along with attached.
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 Funny thing.. did you know that the CDC cannot seem to find any isolated COVID – 19 virus either?
See below, I have this whole file too but it might be a lot to attach considering some of the size of these other files I have added, that said I can send it to your lawyers with everything else when its time for discovery or drop it off at your house when you get back from your sunny Okanagan getaway. 
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As someone who understands the importance of science and science based decision making, I am just wondering how a test can be developed for a virus that has not been isolated? Is this scientifically possible?
 Over the last year we have watched thousands of lives destroyed, business lost, suicide and drug use sky rocket, and serious damage done to peoples mental health, all based on a test that has never isolated the virus you claim is so dangerous.
Speaking of science and lawyers, what about that Cease and Desist order filed from lawyers for the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy?   Seems some scientists believe that your actions to supposedly protect the health of British Columbians from a virus that cannot be isolated and has a %99.97 survival rate are not supported by the science.
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Bonnie you have constantly claimed that we all must do our part and get vaccinated to protect the public, in fact it seems you believe this so much you and Interior Health actually breached the privacy of thousands of Canadians to promote COVID – 19 vaccinations.
 Are you making the public aware that these vaccines are experimental? Do they know the risks?
 Is it a crime to compel someone to inject themselves with a vaccine that is still in clinical trials and not inform them?
 Did we have a big war and war crime trials over something like this a while back?
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ALL the vaccines available in North America are still under Phase 3 Clinical Trials. Yep thats right. Those who are getting the jab are signing up to be a guinea pig.
Pfizer: Phase 3 trial estimated end date 2023
Moderna: estimated end date 2022
Johnson & Johnson(its actually a Janssen Product which is a subsidiary of J&J):estimated end date 2023
AstraZeneca: estimated end date 2023
If the vaccines work how come a fully vaccinated Carnival Cruise ship got cases of COVID – 19?
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 What about Dr. Hoffe? Since when did second medical opinions become a crime?
Should the public not know the risk?
 See attached for full letter.. see a bit below
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 How about the harm the COVID vaccines are causing.. 

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According to the US Frontline Doctors and a lawsuit filed in Alabama these so called side effects from the COVID – 19 vaccinations have caused 45,000 deaths.
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According to 
 What about the tests you are using to justify these restrictions?
 The FDA and CDC have revoked emergency authorization because the test cannot be relied on for concise results.
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 And from the FDA ..
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Time to end the charade Bonnie. 
 The tests are faulty and the vaccine does more damage then the virus, consider this notice that continuation of the course of action you are taking will be considered criminal fraud at the very least. 
 All you members of media and our public health organizations who continue to take part in this fraud will be held accountable for their actions. 
For those of you who may have taken the vaccine and wish to avoid ill side effects, there are options. Seek the truth, it will set you free.
27380Hey Bonnie Henry, Just wondering if you knew that the Emergency Order regarding COVID – 19 was over in June.. maybe you did not get the memo?