Here’s what happened in the Rebel News injunction against Trudeau government. Feels like another embarrassing failure for the Trudeau Liberals.

Rebel News has attended an emergency court hearing with the Trudeau government today. That’s because a few days ago, Trudeau banned Rebel News reporters from attending this week’s leaders debates. It’s an outrageous act of censorship and it’s illegal too — not that Trudeau has a problem with either of those things.

Lawyer Chad Williamson for Rebel News made an urgent application to the court, and they agreed to hear this case on an emergency basis. The three-hour trial.

The lawyer from the Leaders Debates Commission Ewa Krajewska stated: One of the reasons Rebel should be prohibited is because they form a conflict of interest in the stories they are accrediting & should not be raising money and running ads for causes. She also accused Rebel News of not following their high journalistic standards they set out & that Rebel News is too protagonist in nature for them to participate.

Hon. Justice Heneghan really didn’t appear to be buying any of these statements from the beginning. Lawyer Ewa Krajewska seemed to be continuously tongue stumbling, not speaking very smoothly, which appeared to be negatively rubbing off on the overall proceeding. She was all over the place trying to fluff up her credibility of whatever gibberish she was talking about. Krajewska didn’t even have her tabs and exhibits in proper order, as Justice Heneghan pointed out “they are not right”. A complete display of incompetence and disorganization.

Hon. Justice Heneghan disagreed in general with a lot of Krajewskas comments of Rebel’s accreditation standards, adding how public servants are expected to provide & include a fair shake. Lawyer Ewa Krajewska was also continuously nagging about the fund raising that Rebel news does. Meanwhile the main stream media is surviving on the pockets of the taxpayer, setting even a worse example then the very thing they are complaining about. Talk about propaganda really.

Hon. Justice Heneghan continued growing increasingly frustrated in the incompetence of Lawyer Ewa Krajewska, who was also growing increasingly snarky at her own personal display of disorganization.

Lawyer Ewa Krajewska explained that the commissioners issue is that Rebel News is raising money for causes and not journalism, therefore they should be disqualified from the debates and these decisions meet all the expectations of reasonableness. She even tries to fear monger the adjustment of questions to be asked by phone & in person using the excuse “because of the covid” should rebel news be granted the injunction.

Trudeaus attorney general office lap dog K Boyd did his fair share of attempting to thwart an injunction decision while claiming he has no opinion, stance or position in the matter. He was also mildly heckled after speaking in a raspy, cowardly tone by Hon. Justice Heneghan.

Lawyer Chad Williamson for Rebel News replied how tax payer money is being used here as well to fund causes of excluding media and inclusiveness.

A ruling will be issued tomorrow between 11am – 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

32130Decision coming in court case injunction against Trudeau government. Here’s what happened today.