Devin Nelson ended up in the ICU in Victoria where he was sent after a suspected reaction to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Photo couresy Devin Nelson

Days after receiving his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, a Campbell River man suffered seizures that would not stop and ended up on life support for five days.

The ordeal began when Nelson’s wife, worried about not having received his usual “good morning” text, came home from work on her lunch break to find him on the couch “complaining about the dog bugging me all morning and that I didn’t feel good.”

“Right after I finished that I started slurring my words and then started convulsing on the couch,” Nelson said.

Nelson doesn’t remember any of this. The next thing he does remember is waking up in the ICU in Victoria four days later.

“I don’t remember a single thing. I don’t remember going to bed the night before. I don’t remember getting up in the morning. I don’t remember going to the hospital, just everything was a blur. I don’t remember a single thing till I woke up in the ICU in Victoria four days later,” Nelson said.

He was put into an induced coma and every time they had tried to unsedate him in that period, he started convulsing.



I don’t post much on Facebook but this needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. So for those who don’t know this is my experience. I don’t discriminate against anyone who has the vaccine and does not want to get it, I believe it should be a freedom of choice. I choose to get my first one because I wanted life to try and be as normal as possible again. I’m not making this post to convince people to not get the vaccine, my experience just needs to be heard. (I’m making this post because I’ve had quite a few people ask me to make a full post so it can be shared, so feel free to share away.)

I’m a very healthy 26 yr male that runs 4 to 5 kms almost everyday with my dog and eats healthy, doesn’t smoke, or drink.

Four days after my first vaccine (moderna) I had seizures that would not stop, i was heavily sedated and put on life support for five days and almost came out a vegetable. Every time they tried to unsedate me, I just kept convulsing. Had blood clot in the same arm I had the shot in, (was swollen from the tips of my fingers, to the top of my shoulder.)

Had MRI, EEG, ECG, blood work done everyday and spinal fluid drained and tested. Was tested for covid. All came back perfectly normal.

When I woke up I had burst blood vessels in the same arm as the blood clot, IV in my neck to my heart (central line) and could hardly talk, hardly walk, had Bell’s palsy. (droopy right eye and a ristricted pupil.)

I’ve only been out of the hospital for a couple of weeks. My body still aches and have a pinched nerve in my left hip (from the convulsions.) I came out with Pneumonia and a lung infection (from the breathing tube) and a bladder infection (from the catheter), my right eye is back to normal other then the pupil is restricted. No one would say anything about the vaccine, me and my family members mentioned it multiple times. (witch I understand they were probably trying to rule out every possibility first before jumping to conclusions.)

My throat is still very raw from the breathing tube but to be expected, the pinched nerve in my hip is still there but very thankful to be walking and breathing on my own again.

my family doctor told me that “they don’t know enough about the shot to say that’s why it happened.”Just yesterday I talked with my neurologist from Victoria general hospital who has helped me throughout all of this and he had asked me alot of questions about the covid vaccine I received, he strongly recommend MULTIPLE TIMES THAT I DO NOT GET MY SECOND SHOT! He said he’s going to send my medical records off to an epileptologists and a immunization specialist to look more into the vaccine being the primary cause.

I like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone in victora general hospital in the ICU for saving my life and taking such good care of me and making sure my family was as comfortable as they could be given the scary situation we were in. And another HUGE thank you to KDC Heath for for covering my families food, travel and accommodation well I was in hospital!

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