Pat King’s bail hearing decision was just announced. Result?

Justice Seymour’s decision says: “I am satisfied there is a substantial likelihood that Mr. King would continue committing offences, similar to those he is charged with.” He is “…also satisfied he [Mr. King] poses a dangerous risk to society.”

He also expressed several reasons to have little faith in Mr. King’s surety (Ms. Komix). (She only met him a few weeks ago; she is accepting the entire financial duty, while he doesn’t post a penny for his own bail etc.)

Therefore, he’s going to detain Mr. King on the secondary ground, based on the belief that he would likely reoffend in a way that would endanger public safety/peace. “Given the scope of the harm caused… Mr. King could be liable for a lengthy term of imprisonment… the allegations here are very serious.” However sex offenders walk free regularly without adequate punishment on a regular basis.

Also, the court heard no evidence that Mr. King has some medical condition that puts him at higher risk if he gets COVID in jail (King’s lawyer cited the COVID risk as a reason he should be released on bail.) and notes that it is ironic that King, who protested unconstitutional pandemic health measures, was resorting to that argument.

Attaching an non-communication order with Tamara Lich, George Billings, Christopher Barber and Daniel Bulford.

So, in a nutshell? Bail DENIED. His next court date is March 18.

73410Pro freedom Canadian Pat King has been denied bail by Justice Seymour believes he would continue to commit offences.