The pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns have had a devastating impact on Canadians’ livelihoods.

Thousands of businesses were forced to shut their doors and millions of Canadians were forced to go on government subsidized financial support.

Canadians were told “we’re all in this together” by the so-called experts and politicians throughout the pandemic, but is this actually true?

According to a new study by, pay reductions have been non-existent in government. Public sector employees had no pay cuts over the past year.

Even more outrageous, on April 1st, 2021, members of parliament actually received a raise of around 1.8%. MPs now earn a whopping salary of $185,276 annually and cabinet ministers receive $274,656.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received an estimated raise of $6,400 added to his current salary of $365,200.

While many Canadians struggle with unprecedented unemployment and sky-rocketing debt as a result of government-enforced lockdowns, politicians were giving themselves pay raises.

This is long overdue. Politicians needs to do their part in reducing Canada’s growing debt.

Politicians need to cut their own pay.

After all, “we’re all in this together,” right?

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