It really is amazing how many of these conservative, previous conservative or affiliated conservative members are tied up in this “Switch Health” I think I smell a big test kit scandal!

Ambrose has been a recipient of some 2 a.m. emails from the gang. She will wait until morning to reply, but describes the team’s creative energy, smarts, and can-do attitude, as a “breath of fresh air.”

She likes them and their ideas so much that she agreed to sit on their board.

“I have always thought it would take their generation to really push the system,” she said. “Because the way they think about the health-care system is, “Why can’t we do this?”

It is a great question. For decades, Canadians simply did as they always had: Sit in a waiting room, watch an administrator pull a paper file or two as the clock ticks past the scheduled appointment time, eventually see a doctor, then exit the premises while an administrator faxes off another request.

Sure, there has been innovation in health care, and COVID-19 has only accelerated the pace at warp speed, but there are still fax machines, paper files and lineups.

“We are still so behind,” Ambrose said.

But maybe not for long. Not if Dilian Stoyanov, a guy with a baby at home, and ideas that fly from his fingers in the form of early morning texts, and his three friends, have anything to do with it.

“We have a clear destination,” he said.

Maybe after they get there, they will all be able to get some rest.

71230Rona Ambrose is a member of Switch Health’s board