Justin Trudeau has been going around spewing hate on Canadians. Calling random Canadian Misogynists, racists, among many other things. Turns out Misogynist.ca points to his Facebook page.

Trudeau looks pale, sick and like a washed up clown. He is hardly ever seen with his wife. Personally it seems like his life has completely eroded, he is isolated and nobody likes him. Now he is taking it out on average Canadians. He is stereotyping entire groups of people as racists, misogynists and all sorts of other nasty names, is actually the very definition of actual hate speech. It’s unnecessary, unacceptable and absolutely inappropriate!

He then conjures up some fake anti hate organization with his buddy Bernie Farber, you can read all about at http://ProHate.ca pays them millions of dollars to some how attempt to validate his own recreation & normalization of his utterly pathetic behaviour, to make himself feel better. His arrogance and narcissism has clearly permeated though him like any complete psychopath. He can’t undo that he was caught several times dressed up as a blackface racist. He even doubled down by convincing the media to call it brownface instead like thats less worse. The logic of an imbecile. So because he can’t change that, he attempts to drag everyone down to his level. Basically a smear campaign in the name of stroking Justins pompous ego, pampering his midlife crisis

He is unwilling to take any sort of accountability for his ridiculous self serving, self entitlement choices. He is unacceptably bullying, insulting, discriminating, abusing and disrespecting Canadians on a daily basis. He is a blatant liar, plagued with corruption, scandals, deceit, deception. He is two faced, fake & phoney, arrogant and an absolute coward. A true embarrassment, as well as a complete laughing stock of the world.

RESIGN NOW! Also please get rid of that creepy voice talking to us like a bunch of kindergarteners. You are not Canadas Dad! You work for us and you sir are clearly fired! Do the right thing, call an election and resign immediately there after. Canadians don’t have any more patience for your egotistical self serving divisional pissing contest.

Your job is whats fringe.

Justin needs to stop taking out his personal life and problems on Canadians. Seems pretty obvious when shes only wearing it in photo opps with Justin these days. Its time to get to the bottom of the rumour, the evidence is definitely weighing towards a logical conclusion. Either way parading around pretending you are married for the camera opps is just more lies and more deceitful nonsense. If you are an everyday Canadian one could say mind your own business. When you are running the country covering up a phoney marriage should be considered fraud and more reason for lacking any credibility whatsoever. Selling Canadians a fake image of yourself at the polls is some pretty unethical stuff. Especially knowing how many votes you would lose by not keeping the fake charade up & going is misleading & quite frankly fraud.

72290As Justin Trudeau goes around calling random Canadians Misogynists. Turns out Misogynist.ca points to his Facebook page.