Sometimes we should all take a deep breath and start asking ourselves what is really going on here. We are all missing the big picture. So how did all this go down. All of us want to see Rod be held accountable but should also ask what exactly happened. It’s very important to consider the process that took place. We need to ask for some explanations. Doug Ford¬†

Why did Doug Ford not tell Rod Phillips he could not go on Vacation. He certainly thinks that he can tell Canadians what to do. Maybe Rod didn’t tell Doug that he was going to be out of the country like Doug says, however I find that highly unlikely & a bunch of coverup bologna. So assuming that Doug Ford knew that Rod was going on this Christmas vacation & if he was choosing to do nothing about stopping it. Did they come up with the plan together misleading Canadians that Rod was still in the Country? How did this all go down? So Doug just went along with this devious plan then, let it slide this time? Maybe when Rod filmed his Christmas video Doug must have known he was back home again right? Oh how about all Rods posts acting like he was still in Canada? Doug must have not seen those posts still thinking he was just away. This all stinks of such bullshit.¬†

Doug Ford is now trying to look like the big man demanding that Rod Phillips return to Canada immediately when he was probably scheduled to return anyways. Doug needs to explain what he knew about Rods vacation and what exactly were his comments & action on it at the time. Why did he do nothing to stop it? If Doug Ford didn’t know to all together well… That just makes Rod Phillips about 10x more guilty then he already is.