SHE WAS JUST DOING HER JOB! JUST TAKING ORDERS. The biggest excuse of all time going these days.

“Just like every other chief medical officer of health across the country. I had a mandate and the legal authority to speak to the public about the issues related to health. I was fully aware, however, that if I were wildly off side with what the provincial health minister and government believed, it could make my position challenging, and that if I was too far off the mark too often, the government could render me ineffective or fire me all together.”

Page 40, 41, be kind, be calm, be safe, Bonnie Henry.

This comes after the unaccountable health officials and the Premier of B.C. are on the run from answering even one question, from a long open letter written by BC doctors. Cowards Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix & John Horgan are obviously scared of the actual truth. Just over a month ago John was confronted at a pub in Vernon BC where he and the rest of his team of thugs were caught seated at a table way over the seating capacity. He shrugged it off as no big deal, and a member of his team with a snarky reply stated how they all just had rapid testing done. A couple individuals asking them to leave identified themselves as RCMP, however when we called the RCMP to verify, the staff sergeant in charge could not identify or confirm these individuals as law enforcement officers, got extremely frustrated and hung up to phone on us. Impersonating a police officer is a criminal offence in Canada. Either way, this might explain Bonnie Henry’s flip flopping opinions on masks. Just like in Ontario she must just say whatever they write down for her I guess. What a fraud!

Can we please bring back some personal accountability?

51850In Bonnie Henry’s book she admits her messaging was not in the publics interest but in the provincial governments interest first. Or she might lose her job